Copy of About Us - Fragrant Jerky (USA) Singapore-Style Fire-Grilled Jerky

Copy of About Us

Fragrant Jerky is the only Singapore Bak Kwa (pork jerky) 聞名新加坡現烤肉乾 specialty shop in the United States.  Fragrant Jerky (Bak Kwa) is made fresh daily, flame-grilled to perfection individually by hand then sold on premise.  Fragrant’s Bak Kwa is made to order 現烤肉乾 never pre-packaged.  All Fragrant Foods’ 新美香 products are produced in its USDA-FSIS inspected kitchen.

Bak Kwa (Hokkien: 肉干) making technique, which is usually a skill inherited, is considered a dying art form.  Originated from Southern China, Bak Kwa making uses ancient Chinese meat preservation and preparation technique, oriental spices is used in its recipe to create mouth-watering and highly addictive snacks.

In countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and S. Korea, Bak Kwa has becoming a favorite luxury eatable gift to hand out to friends and relatives during festive holidays. During Chinese New Year, customers formed lines around the blocks outside Bak Kwa shops hours before opening so they can get their hands on the freshest and limited supply of Bak Kwa.  Today, there are Bak Kwa shops in major shopping malls, and line popular tourist areas in these countries.

At Fragrant Foods, Bak Kwa products are still made in the traditional way- by hands, just like they were done generations ago.

Fragrant Foods’ owner is a third-generation Bak Kwa maker.  Started in the business when he was a young boy helping grandma prepare Bak Kwa in the kitchen, today Mr. Yap hand-select freshest meat and ingredients, supervise and personally involved in the preparation and final grilling process to deliver the best Bak Kwa.  In the months ahead Fragrant Foods will slowly expend its product lines which include paper jerky, fresh roasted fish and crispy Rousong (meat floss) and other exciting products.