Product Expiration and Safety Information - Fragrant Jerky (USA) Singapore-Style Fire-Grilled Jerky

Product Expiration and Safety Information



Our products have a forty-five-day shelf life from the production date, which is usually one to three days before we ship your order. A white label on the bag containing the product production date and use-by/expiration date was provided for your reference.

Our products are fully cooked before packing and will be shipped in food-grade bags. In addition to natural preservatives used in the products to prevent spoilage, each bag of jerky came with an oxygen absorber to prevent bacterial growth.

Our product quality will not be affected by cold and heat, such as summer hot weather, as long as the products are in the original packaging unopened.

All our products are produced in a commercial facility approved and regularly inspected by USDA-FSIS. Our production processes comply with the USDA guidelines

Fragrant Jerky is an authentic Singapore fire-grilled pork jerky (Bak Kwa) specialty shop in the United States. Since 2012, Fragrant Jerky products have been made fresh daily, flame-grilled to perfection individually by hand then sold on-premises as well as shipped to customers all over the world, including to US serving military personnel around the world (APO and FPO).

Our products are made to order, never pre-packaged. All Fragrant Jerky’s products are produced at our licensed commercial facilities in Los Angeles and are inspected by USDA-FSIS, Los Angeles Department of Public Health regularly.






我们所有的产品均在经 USDA-FSIS 批准并定期检查的商业设施中生产。 我们的生产流程符合美国农业部的指导方针。

有关运输和退货政策,请阅读 "运输&退货政策"