Policy & Product Safety Information - Fragrant Jerky (USA) Singapore-Style Fire-Grilled Jerky

Policy & Product Safety Information


When you purchase our products, you understand and agree to our RETURN, EXCHANGE, RETURN POLICY.

1) Once an order is shipped, we do not accept returns, offer refunds, or exchanges for food products because food products cannot be resold.

2) We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee. Buyers’ expectations or opinions will not be considered for refunds. Buyers are expected to read the product descriptions and ingredient lists and understand the products before purchasing.

3) No refunds for non-delivery because of incorrect addresses, moved, or incomplete address (E.g. missing apartment #, incorrect zip code). At the time of ordering, the buyer is responsible for providing a valid and deliverable address for at least the next two weeks.

4) If a return is approved, only sealed, unopened, and unused products will be considered for refunds, shipping costs and restocking fees (up to 50%) may apply.

5) We report all mail theft and mail fraud to the United States Postal Inspection Service www.uspis.gov. 


Orders will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. From freshly grill your order to shipping time is usually 1 to 3 business days. Delivery time is usually from 1 to 5 business days for most addresses.


No artificial preservatives are added, if unopened, our products have thirty (30) days shelf life from the production date (usually grilled one to three days before shipped). A white label on the bag containing the product production, and use-by/expiration dates for your reference.

Our products are fully cooked just before being packaged. In addition to natural preservatives like sugar, salt, and celery to prevent spoilage, each bag of jerky comes with an oxygen absorber pack to prevent bacterial growth.

Our products and production process comply with the USDA guidelines Our product quality will not be affected by cold and heat, such as summer hot weather, as long as the products are in the sealed original packaging.

All our products are produced in a commercial food facility in California, approved and regularly inspected by USDA-FSIS.





1) 订单发货后我们不接受食品的退货, 提供退款或换货,因为食品不能转售。

2) 我们不提供满意保证。退款时不会考虑买家的期望或意见。买家在购买前应阅读产品说明和成分列表并了解产品。

3) 由于地址不正确、搬家或地址不完整(例如缺少公寓号、邮政编码不正确)而导致未送达,不予退款。买方有责任在订购时提供至少在两周内可以送货的正确地址。

4) 如果订单批准退货,则仅考虑密封、未开封和未使用的产品进行退款,可能需要减去运费和重新进货费用(-50%订单价格)。

5) 我们向美国邮政检验局(United Stated Postal Inspection Service)报告所有邮件盗窃和邮件欺诈行为 (www.uspis.gov)。



订单将直接从厂家发货。从新鲜准烧烤到发货时间通常为 1 到 3 个工作日。大多数地址的交货时间通常为 1 至 5 个工作日。


我们的产品不添加人工防腐剂,如果未开封,产品自生产日起有三十 (30) 天的保质期(通常是发货前一到三天烧烤)。袋子上有白色标签,包含产品生产日期和保质期/失效日期,供您参考。


我们的产品和生产流程完全符合 USDA 指南。 只要产品处于密封的原包装中,


我们所有的产品均在加利福尼亚州有执照的食品工厂生产,并经 USDA-FSIS 批准并定期检查。