Bacon Jerky (Spicy Flavor) 辣味經典五花肉 - Fragrant Jerky (USA) Singapore-Style Fire-Grilled Jerky

Bacon Jerky (Spicy Flavor) 辣味經典五花肉


Product Description:

  • Singapore-Style fire-grilled jerky (aka Bak Kwa) are popular street-food snacks from Asia Pacific. Originating from Singapore, they are sweet semi-dried meat snacks. As high-protein snacks, add them to your favorite instant noodles, porridge, sandwiches, or salad, no matter how you use them, you will enjoy these rich taste unique Asian BBQ snacks.Fragrant Jerky's original flavor pork jerky is sweet & salty taste, natural smoky BBQ flavor from the fire grilling process. We use 100% natural ingredients. GMO-free. Our pork jerky are made from fresh USDA-inspected whole cuts of extra lean leg meat.
  • Fragrant Jerky's spicy flavor bacon jerky has a light sweet taste, medium level of spiciness, and natural smoky BBQ flavor from the fire grilling process. We use 100% natural ingredients. GMO-free. Our bacon jerky are made from USDA-inspected farm raised free-range pigs.  Pork bellies from free-range pigs are leaner and packs huge flavor and is ideal for BBQ.
  • We have been making our products fresh daily at our USDA/FSIS-inspected commercial facilities in Los Angeles, California since 2012.
  • Your order will be freshly grilled to order, and shipped directly from our facility the same day using priority mail to assure the finest quality.
  • Fragrant Jerky are gourmet snacks that have been enjoyed by young and old for generations, or presented as gourmet food gifts on special occasions. Our jerky were voted three times Los Angeles Times "Handmade Gift" and food category winners.
  • For that fragrant BBQ aroma and fresh-off-the-grill taste, reheat meat until lukewarm in a microwave for 10-30 seconds.

Taste Profile:
Southeast Asian flavors, lightly sweet taste (light sauce glazed
), smoky barbeque smell, semi-dried texture. Our jerky products reflect taste characteristics of Asian Pacific cultures, unlike salty American-style jerky, so please use such consideration before buying to avoid incorrect expectations. Our products contain Asian ingredients ("ingredients" are listed below).

Meat, fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar, fruit juices, spices, celery powder, and salt. No added preservatives other than those contained in the seasonings. This product contains gluten.

Directions for Use:
For that fresh-off-the-grill taste, reheat meat until lukewarm (microwave 10-30 seconds), to enhance flavor, aroma, and tenderness. After opening, refrigerate meat or use within three days. Keep in the freezer for up to six months.

Product Safety Information:
Our products contain salt, sugar, gluten, fruits, seafood, spices, and permitted preservatives in the seasonings. People who have a food allergy or are sensitive to or have a food intolerance to these ingredients (see listed "Ingredients" on this page for more details) are advised against using our products. Please seek professional and nutritional advice before using our products. Buyer discretion is advised.